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Afternoon Prayer

Frontiers: Vision and Values

Our 6 Core Values

We love Muslims


Nearly one-quarter of the world's population is Muslim and the majority have never met a follower of Jesus. Our focus is to live among and love Muslims in places where no-one has previously made Jesus' love known.



We only work in teams: to bring a wide range of skills and gifts into play. Teams offer mutual support and complementary gifts, and models out community.



Prayerfully, we want to see healthy churches formed and reproducing, seeing a movement of disciples making disciples throughout the Muslim world.



We are grace-oriented: diverse in church background and how we operate on the ground, but within an evangelical Statement of Faith. You can read our statement of faith here



We are committed to ongoing growth and development through coaching and regular accountability.



We are field-governed, which means that key decisions are made by the Team Leaders on the ground. 

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