Frontiers Ireland has one goal:


- to glorify God


by planting Churches

that lead to movements

among all Muslim peoples.


If you share this goal, here's how we can work together

to see this come about in our generation.

Team Leaders

If you have leadership experience and a vision to serve an unreached or unengaged people group, or serve in an unengaged city, Frontiers is looking for people like you, who are seeking a new challenge, who are willing to pioneer and break new ground, go the hard yards and support others to get there too. In Frontiers you have the responsibility to recruit your own team and chose your location to serve.




Team Members

Whilst the team leader will have the vision and the plan, they are also reliant on people who will join with them in this amazing enterprise of seeing God’s kingdom come and his will done among not just individuals, but among whole people groups.  







If you are a student or are simply seeking to investigate the call of God on your life, then you may want to take the opportunity to visit one of our long-term teams from 6 months to a year, to explore more about what it is actually like to serve on a long-term team - learning language, building relationships, working out character issues.





Church Based Teams

If your Church is interested in sending a long-term team to the Muslim world, we would be happy to partner with you to share our experience, help with logistics and provide specialist training so that your team can get the best preparation. To find out more about Church Based Teams, click here...

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