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About the country

Yemen, officially known as the Republic of Yemen, is an Arab sovereign state in Western Asia at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. It is the poorest country in the Middle East and is currently the battleground of a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  As a result of this ongoing conflict, it is currently the world's worst humanitarian crisis with over 20 million people in need of humanitarian aid and protection, and millions displaced. The UN say that if drastic changes are not made, Yemen will experience the world's worst famine in 100 years.

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 Yemen: Quick Facts 

- Population: 27,580,000

- Capital City: Sana'a

- Primary Religion: Islam

- Number of unengaged Muslim people groups

  (over 100,000 population): 7

How to pray         

  • Pray that God would bring peace to this war-torn land, and that aid would reach the most vulnerable people currently caught up in a humanitarian crisis.

  • Pray that each of 7 unengaged Muslim people groups below will soon be engaged with the Good News of Jesus. Pray for the:

- Akhdam (Pop. 1,660,000)

- Hadhramout Arabs (Pop. 1,705,000)

- Mahra (Pop. 116,000)

- Northern Yemeni Arabs (Pop. 9,945,000)

- Socotran (Pop. 118,000)

- Sudanese Arabs (Pop. 462,000)

- Tihama Yemeni Arabs (Pop. 4,730,000)

  • Give thanks for 5 churches across N. Ireland that have 'adopted' 5 of these people groups for a year of prayer. To find out more about how you and your church could get involved in praying for an unengaged people group and the nation of Yemen, click here

Next steps            

  • Find out more about the 'Pray for Zero' initiative here

  • Watch the Yemen Prayercast video here to help you pray further.

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